Surprising Signs That Prove You Are In Love


Boom, boom, boom. This is the recurring sound your heart makes when you think of it. Yes, him. The one who upsets you so much that you do not recognize yourself anymore. She is far away from the old you who retorted to her friends "Love, it's not for me".

But since you've met him, you've been thinking about him, wanting to send him a message when he's not around. Rest assured, you are not alone in doing so. Nor are you the only one to be astonished to be the one you swore never to become.

But what's the point of resisting after all?

We have deciphered for you the 15 signs that characterize you when you are in love. We are sure that you will recognize yourself, or one of your friends.

1. You Watch Your Phone Every 10 Seconds

You can not help but watch your notifications anywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, everything goes. Maybe he sent you a picture, a message or liked your last picture who knows? It is sure that in the space of 10 seconds he has had the time to do that since your last retrospective.

2. Everything Makes You Think Of Him

Whether it's this new TV ad, the joke your friend just made for you or the place you go on vacation, absolutely everything makes you think of him. Still, you did some things or went to some places long before you met him and fell head over heels for him but still, a few things always bring you back to him.

3. You Can Not Help But Talk About Him

Even though your friends tell you, you still have to make a small mention to your man. And yet, you do not do it on purpose, it comes naturally and you do not necessarily realize it until you make the comment.

4. You Re-Read Again And Again The Same Messages

"My love", "My cat", "My little pink flamingo". Yes, no matter what our habits are, we do not stop rereading them forever. It instantly gives us a sincere smile and that reassures us that the feeling is mutual. We say that if he wrote to us that he loved us 3 hours or 3 days ago, it's still relevant.

5. Spend Even A Little Time With Him, Enough For You

He has an appointment in 5 minutes, your job calls you ... And yes, it is not always possible to spend time with the one we love as much as we would like. The vagaries of everyday life require you to find small niches to see you. Yes, even seeing for 2 minutes is better than nothing. And you enjoy just all the little time spent in these moments.

6. You Still Want To Know More About It

"What is his favorite color, what is his favorite pet, or what was he thinking the first time he saw me?" All these questions are in your head. You would like answers to first get to know him, of course. But also and above all, to feed your curiosity.

7. You Lose Appetite

You who was considered the biggest eater in the group, you are balking at a plate of fries. It's obvious, you're in love. If so, the butterflies in the belly clearly prevent you from swallowing anything.

8. You Lose All Sense Of Time When You Are Together

What? Already? Like Cinderella, you did not realize that you had been with him all this time. But it may be time to separate and meet again because all good things have an end.

9. Even If He Drives You Crazy, You Can Not Help But Stay Close To Him

He does not answer you, makes you a bad joke, teases you as soon as he can, and that makes you crazy! The worst thing is that he knows very well how to tickle you and that, not on a small scale. These teasing also makes you in love. Because without that, it would not really be him.

10. You Feel More Fit

It gives you one more motivation. It gives you even more desire to take care of you. When you know that you are going to see him, you kick your ass and you make yourself as beautiful as possible, even more than now, because yes, you were already beautiful.

11. You Have A Hard Time Accepting Criticism, Even From Your Best Friend

contradicting them or so little. But there, it is enough that one of your friends makes an unwelcome remark on your companion and you don’t appreciate it. Especially when it comes from your best friend because you would like it so much that she appreciates him and considers him (almost) like you.

12. You No Longer Think About Your Ex

You were sure that your ex would stay in your mind forever and you could never get rid of him. Yet he arrived and he turned everything upside down. Thanks to him you trust someone again and that was not easy. You feel a lot lighter.

13. You Can Talk To Him About Anything And Everything

Whether it's your new lipstick, this complicated file you've been working on for weeks, or where your family comes from, you feel like you can talk to him about your whole life. He always listens to you and always knows what to say to you.

14. You Are Less Attracted To Other Men

You who was reputed to be the dredge of the group, today it is not anymore. You are no longer free and your girlfriends have understood. You no longer make doe eyes to those who might have liked you. Obviously, you take a look here and there, we can not change at all but you will not go talk to them, no.

15. You Remember All Your First Times With Him

Your first meeting, the first look, the first smile, the first message and finally the first kiss. Everything happens and you love to remember these moments because it reminds you how happy you were and why you are still happy.

Most times we get this feeling when we did not ask for them, So, did you recognize yourself in more than one sign? Do not ask yourself more questions, you are in love and we wish you a lot of happiness! Have fun to love and being loved.


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