Psychology of Photographers


Have you ever wondered why people take photos? Just for the fun? To capture moments that will never ever happen again? To satisfy the desire of having life memories?

Photography is all about psychology and camera is just the third eye which helps to achieve what a person longs for. A photographer is a kind of magician who can tell about time and space, or how things have changed or remained the same. Photography teaches us not to ignore the life we live in and forces us to look attentively and to see more. If writers express their inner world, feelings, desires through words then it is the photographers that express themselves through pictures and if a pen is writers’ tool then the camera is the photographer’s one. However, if two photographers take a photo of the exact splice of time, their photos will be completely different since their psychology is different. There is always something very unique in every picture and the way the photographers combine their “third eye” with the reality. It is all about handwriting of the one who takes the photo and their interpretation. Yes! Photography is interpretation, it can be compared with the translation like from English to French. The text is the same in the meaning but in the form, it is completely different and accuracy is a part of photography and since the camera never lies! 

Your picture will not be the same as the others even if you used the same camera and snapped the same image.  You may wonder why?  Because of photography taps into your soul. No matter how you look at the picture, landscape, people photography is the essential part of photography.  Besides, It is generally known that the better you know your interpersonal skill and your own world, the better photographer you become.

If there is the psychology of taking photos then there is also the psychology of “reading” photos. And according to the British scientists, people also “read” photos in a unique way.  And if we go deeper, a simple picture will tell a lot about the one who took it if we understand her emotional state through the given picture. Photography is used in different spheres of psychological experiments and investigations. It is also taken as a form of therapy. Some psychotherapists encourage their patients taking photos of themselves which then becomes a tool for studying the psychology of the patients.

Photography is forbidden in some cultures as they think that the camera steals their soul, they simply react to the emotional state that pictures show in those who view them as a picture can evoke different emotions like love, hatred, anger, astonishment, etc. And I believe that this has happened to almost everyone. When you look at the picture of your beloved one, it evokes warmest feelings you feel like as if you look into the soul of that person as the camera is just the reflection of a person’s inner world. And in contrary, if you look at the picture of the one you hate, it will evoke the awful emotions ever.

If you want to understand the giftedness of a photographer, you need to understand the interplay between the camera, the object, and the photographer.


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