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Beauty is skin deep only if its essence is seen from the outside. This statement as used in this context implies that beauty is on the outside but felt in the inward part.  The skin covers the entire part of our body and if one must remain beautiful, the skin should be considered and taken care of. 

Skincare comprises a range of practices that upkeep skin characteristics, improve its appearance, as well as prevent it from certain harmful circumstances. It is simply a provision made for what is necessary for the good health of the skin, through regular care. 

A good skin care practice involves a healthy way of life. The choices you make as regards your skin can support delay natural ageing of the skin as well as avert certain skin conditions. In the article, some good skin care practices are laid out to help you in dealing with your skin. 


A diet rich in minerals and proteins will go a long way in making you look younger as well as make you feel alive and healthy. Diets rich in fruits, grains, vegetables, as well as legumes will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Below are certain constituents or food substances that will help to keep your skin fresh, healthy and beautiful: 

Vitamin A: dry and peeling skin can be disgraceful and discouraging. Food substances that are rich in vitamin A such carrot, milk, eggs, and orange among others can help you in dealing with this condition. 

Antioxidants: these substances are important to prevent the skin from damages. They can be found in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, berries, tangerines, peppers, sweet potatoes and so on. 

Selenium: in the skin, there are free radical that causes wrinkles and dry skin causing ageing. This mineral helps to protect your skin from these free radicals. Selenium can also help to prevent tissue damages as well as skin cancers. It can be derived from the consumption of shrimps, mushrooms, Brazilian nuts, some fishes like tuna and cod, and so on.  

Vitamin C: Vitamin C contains constituents that serve as protection for the skin. The sun can be so harsh on the skin and may cause damages to it. Vitamin C helps to repair the damages done to the skin by the sun. They can be gotten from citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, tangerine, and so on. They can also be gotten from the consumption of pawpaw and red bell peppers. 

Vitamin E: this vitamin helps to protect the skin from the sun damage and irritation. They can be gotten from the consumption of nuts, olives fruits, leafy vegetables, spinach and so on. They serve as a form of Antioxidants.

Essential fatty acids: These constituents help to keep your skin smooth and as thus make it look younger and lovely. They can be gotten from olive oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, some fishes such as salmon and sardines.  

Water: Drinking adequate water is by far an important step to keep your skin in healthy and in shape. Water is important for the skin. It helps to keep your skin moist and as such prevent it from wrinkles. Aside from this importance, it also aids in getting rid of toxic substances from the cells, and promote blood circulation. It, therefore, leaves your skin attractive and healthy-looking.


Some things are sometimes ignored. You don’t expect to obtain favour from a man whose means of livelihood you step on.  Personal hygiene goes a long way in affecting the skin. The way we take care of our skin daily also determines how attractive it can become. 

The following can be done on routine bases to keep the skin healthy and beautiful: 

  • Clean up makeup kits regularly,
  • Use clean water to wash the skin, 
  • Clean up bed sheets and pillowcases regularly,
  • Endeavour to always use clean towels, handkerchief, etc. to wipe the body,
  • While washing, don't scrub but tenderly clear off dirt,
  • Wash your body with warm water as well as use mild soap,
  • Do away with your makeup before going to bed,
  • Throw away old makeup, towels, and handkerchief and so on. 

Personal hygiene is so important to that it can’t be ignored. It goes a long way in not only keeping the skin healthy but also the entire body system. You can read more on the effect of personal hygiene on the skin. 


Physical therapy is very important in dealing with some skin infections, especially those that are as a result of joint immobility and flexibility such as scleroderma. It involves using machine-driven force or manual aid for movements and exercises. It aims at creating remedies for deficiencies as well as stimulates movement. 

Like those suffering from scleroderma (a prolonged hardening and shrinkage of the skin as well as the connective tissues as well), physical therapy can be employed to conserve the skin free movement and a full control over the joint. 

Physical therapy also involves protecting oneself against hazardous conditions such as extreme heat and cold conditions, exposure to direct sunlight (Ultraviolet rays) and so on. For instance, one can put on when performing a certain physical activity like doing the dishes. 


Strength is needed so is flexibility. Yoga as a form of enlightenment, it delivered not only flexible but also makes your body strong as well as reduces your stress. It is an activity that encompasses breath control, meditation for total relaxation and developing of explicit bodily postures to enhance flexibility. It is an extensively practised activity that is very essential for health and easing.

Yoga as a form of exercising promotes the easy flow of oxygen and blood in the body. As a result, it helps to maintain the skin features as well as get rid of certain infections, such that deal with stuffiness for instance. 


Exercise is very important to maintain a healthy body. It comprises all activities carried out for the sake of a man’s well-being. For a better and improved skin condition, exercises are needed. For instance, by increasing blood flow (carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body) through exercise, it helps to nurture your skin cells and keep them vibrant and beautiful. In addition, this process also supports waste product removal from the system. 

Another benefit you can derive from regular exercises is in the sweat. It is essential for the skin. The constituents of the sweat, water, salt, and some minerals like uric acid help to battle dry skin and hence leave the skin moist and fresh. 


Adequate rest and sleep are very important for a living being. Aside from the effect on the skin, lack of these can also affect the body functions generally. In other words, the lack of adequate rest and sleep can greatly affect the overall health of an individual. 

Adequate rest and sleep allow the flow of nutrients, blood and oxygen in the body system. In the absence of these, unrestrained stress can cause an escalation of some skin diseases such as acne and even hives. They, in turn, damage the skin of an individual.


Moisturizing is simply an act of keeping the skin moist (wet). For the skin to remain healthy, it should be moisturized regularly. The inner layer of the skin is made up of more water content than the outer layer. In order to keep the skin wet at all times, it is imperative to make use of a very good moisturizing product.

Choose the right moisturizing skin care products for your skin type is very important to balance the level of water contents in your skin. You should endeavour to learn more about how to choose a good moisturizer for your skin type.


Clothing type should be worn based on the season. It is important to study the weather and the nature of fabrics that suits you. You should be cautious of the colour of the material as well as the state of the material before getting them on. Cotton, for instance, is a good fabric. It allows an easy flow of air in and out of the skin. And more so, it is very soft. 

Some conditions may determine what clothing to put on as well. For instance, when you are exercising, some of the fabrics should be avoided. Also, you should endeavour to stay away from materials that may lead to skin irritation some of which includes spandex and wool among others.


Though prevention is better than cure, there might be instances in which infections may arise due to uncontrolled circumstances. Treat skin infections as soon as possible and in the right way. 

Acne infection can be so disfiguring. Homemade natural skin care products such as honey can be used to cure this condition. Honey is a very popular homemade skin care product that can be used to clean the face on the varying type of skins. 

Also, it is important to consult your doctor when any infection is spotted on the skin. It is the best way to get in line. It is very wrong to stick to a solution outside the consent of a medical expert. For instance, nipping pimples may shove infection further into the skin. This may lead to swelling as well as redness, leaving the skin with some spots. 

The skin is a very important part of a living being. It gives an individual beauty and a sense of belonging. Getting the right information is very important in taking care of the skin. You don’t want to look like a 45-year-old woman in her late thirties. 

From time to time, an individual is expected to care for the skin to prevent it from infections and ageing quickly. He or she is expected to include nutritional contents in his or her diet, avoid exposing the body to direct sunlight and use appropriate moisturizers to enhance their skin condition. 


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