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Facebook has decided to add another layer to its main app. The 14-year social network founded by the New York-born technology entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who announced during the company’s F8 developer conference keynote in San Jose, California. About their new tech development. In the past, Facebook had allowed their users to broadcast their relationship status since it went live in February 2014 but this dating does not only keep your profile private it is also more secure. Despite all the advances in technology, dating hardly changed in the 21st century. You just meet people, talk to them, and probably start dating if enough sparks fly. This dating app was designed to help this process along.

The 34-year-old technology entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg had gone into a myriad of action with the aim of restoring the social network to credibility, security, and ensure the privacy of its users. In the course, he announced the new Facebook dating app.

Looking beyond the functionalities of this application, which does not make it any different from those other dating applications, what really seems to be amazing about it is the situation surrounding the time and event in which the announcement was made.

The young entrepreneur has appointed by a politician in the campaign. He is to appear before the United States Congress right after that, he will also appear before the European Parliament. Although the date has not been revealed.

The promise to apply the new European general data protection regulation (RGPD) to all Facebook users comes right before these appearances are made. The London founded international news agency (Reuters) revealed some days ago that at the moment only the Europeans will have the privilege of enjoying this “protection”

Previously, Ireland’s Facebook servers hosted all the social network users who were not from America or Canada. And now, the social network is going to record a total number 1,500 million users of those European servers. In most places like Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America, over 70% of the users in spite of the promises of Facebook, will be transferred to American servers where the European general data protection regulation does not seem to be effective.

The European Protection: How is it Really Connected With the New Facebook Dating App

Speaking of the credibility of the information that was given by Mark Zuckerberg during the Facebook dating presentation “we designed this app with privacy and security in mind from the beginning” which he made clear that the security and privacy of the user was their main objective while designing the application. Further explanation showed that your dating profile will not be shown to your friends on the social network nor will you see the dating profile of your friends, and in addition to its amazing feature, your chat will be private and will not in any way be connected to the Facebook messenger.

Beyond that, the largest amalgamation of the current social networks despite that the fact that WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook is not being considered, your personal information will not only be shown on your profile but also relates to various appointments and some business links. It is the virtual construction of a real profile based on the information made available by the user. Your personal data will not be hidden from your friends or most times the public. the implications, however, are endless and cannot be overlooked. The Facebook new dating app is entirely different because it is designed to keep the profile of the user private.

Another amazing feature of this application is "unlocking" which allows the user of Facebook dating platform to make his or her dating profile visible to a friend or members of a group. The user can as well make it visible to attendees of events and from there, the messaging takes place accordingly. Remember, the chats are not connected to the main Facebook app. Mark added that the app is going to be for building real, long-term relationships not just for adventures or hookups as it will be created separately from an individual's existing Facebook profile.

This new feature will compete with other dating platforms and apps like Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, Happn, MeetMe, Zoosk. The feature is completely optional. Over the years, online dating has greatly helped to rebuild broken hearts and has resulted in successful relationships. Do not be reluctant to hook up on this new dating app, there is always a first time for everything.

Earlier this year, millions of Facebook users saw their personal data compromised in the Cambridge analytic breach. The massive hack caused new questions about privacy levels on the platform which led to a #DeleteFacebook movement by some users which sent mark to the capitol to testify in front of the members of Congress.

Here are some of the advantages of the app-

The Application Will Be Highly Secure:

Recently, the increase in the number of hacks on some that some users account on their main Facebook app has become uncontrollable because the app was not designed to hide the privacy of the user, unlike their dating app which was designed with the privacy and security of the user in mind. Your friends will not see your dating status.

It Will Possesses Awesome Features:

In as much as this new trend by Facebook doesn’t solve anything much more than other dating apps have been solving, it is expected to hit the online community with some awesome features that would be appealing to its potential users. Facebook is a big company teaming with a huge base of awesome and top-rated developers, and these guys are already on top of their game, so it is only natural to expect a pro dating feature from the new Facebook dating app.

Since Mark Zuckerberg made it known publicly about the new Facebook dating app, it has gotten the media outlets talking and speculating on how the app would be like or what features to expect from it, but for competitive reasons Facebook won’t be specific on that information to calm the speculations, and another bonus added to this it drives the market for the new app. In our thoughts to this new app, it doesn’t solve anything new which other dating apps aren’t tackling now, however, we should expect loads of awesome features and high security dating app from this top company.


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