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Top Programming Languages to Learn

Are you a beginner? Or you are just a curious individual who is interested in knowing top programming language in 2018? Well, this article is more focused as a guide to beginners who are confused with which programming language to choose.

Electric Cars in India

The automobile world has not been left out in the advancement of technology as fossil fuels-driven cars are soon to give way totally for electric cars. Fossil fuels cars have had a lot of really bad and harmful effects on the environment, especially on air pollution. A study shows that over a thousand Indians die yearly due to sicknesses caused by air pollution. This has generated the need for the reduction of air pollution around India. Electric cars seem to be the way forward as they are expected to be driven across India come 2030 instead of fossil fuels cars, but the question is "are Indians ready for electric cars?".

Top 5 Gadgets of 2018

Well, the first quarter of 2018 has been passed and we have seen so much new in CES 2018 already but here is a quick recap of what is coming up in future for us. All competitors’ whether it’s a big giant like Google, Lenovo or it’s just a startup they all are really trying hard to impress the audience. Here is the list of top 5 gadgets of 2018 which will be rocking the plant this year with their amazing abilities. So, starting with the very first gadget below:

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