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There are millions of beauty all around the internet. A YouTube or Instagram account does not a beauty expert make, but when working makeup artists, hairstylists, skincare gurus and beauty editors are offering up advice, you better believe we’re listening! We will suggest the tips which will surely help every girl.


Makeup choices need to be made very carefully. Your skin tends to react a lot to products and a breakout is something that nobody fancies. Below are a few tips to make it easier for you.

  • Don’t buy anything without testing it first. Ask for samples to make sure the formula doesn’t break you out.
  • Don’t do smoky eyes with dark lips, as it tends to look tacky for a young face.
  • Play up your best features, if you have pretty eyes, line them so they get more attention. Or if you have a wonderful pout, use flattering gloss or lipstick to gain attention.
  • Avoid foundation on acne skin, if needed; make sure to use an oil-free formula.
  • Pat concealer using fingers rather than rubbing it.
  • Make sure to wear sunscreen before makeup. This will keep your skin looking a few years younger.


Skin is a whole different story from the adult skin. Keep in mind that your skin is more permeable i.e. allows more substances to pass through than the adult skin and therefore shows irritation to harsh products a lot more easily. The only advantage you have is that teenage skin also tends to heal faster. Here are few general tips specifically meant for you!

  • Get an all over body scrub to remove dead skin. Ensure that the areas like shoulders, back and chest are covered. For oily skin, make sure to scrub the T-zone gently to remove and prevent blackheads.
  • Shave your legs at the end of your bath to prevent cuts. If you wax, go for a quick cold shower!
  • Care for your fingernails, keep them clipped, and paint them with a base coat to avoid yellow nails.
  • And don’t forget those toenails! There is nothing more disgusting than dirty long toenails. Clip them and clean them at frequent intervals.
  • Get a good night rest to prevent acne and dark circles. 

For more skin care tips refer our blog Good Skin Care Tips.

Lip care:

Wondering why we have lip care as a separate segment? The skin on your lips is as such a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body. It cracks, dries and bleeds a lot more easily. Here are a few general things you can do to keep it soft and supple as they are the best beauty tips.

  • Exfoliate! But use homemade exfoliators like sugar and honey. Avoid the toothbrush technique no matter how soft the bristles are.
  • Moisturizer as frequently as you can. Never let it dry out.
  • Do not lick your lips or peel out dry skin. Nothing causes more damage than these two things!
  • Don’t wear lipstick on already chapped lips. They only highlight and further dry your skin.
  • Always check for the expiration date. Expired products have more bacteria and fewer nutrients which can add fuel to an already growing skin condition. And if you don’t have one, it will cause one for you!


After all the trouble with your skin and makeup, how can you let your hair hold you back? Here are a few tips that will make it easier for you to tame them and look gorgeous.

  • Don’t overdo the blonde highlights on your hair. Make sure you stay close to your natural tones.
  • Get an easy-to-manage haircut like layers. Layers are said to save time in getting dressed as it looks good on almost all hair types.
  • You got not just an oily skin but an oily scalp to make matters worse with your blonde hair? Skip the hundreds of products in the market and pick some baby powder. Baby powder at the roots works wonders! But if you have brown hair, then stick to a dry shampoo.
  • Need a style that will blow people away? Don’t go overboard. Less is more principle applies here too. Just give your hair some loose curls with a barrel iron and you are set! This kind of styling also minimizes heat damage.
  • Shampoos are meant for your scalp and conditioners for the shaft of your hair. No matter what your age, this rule does not change. Shampoo on the tips will only strip away too many natural oils and conditioner at the scalp will only make your hair greasy. No good will come off it.


You don’t have to visit the salon on a regular basis in order to have beautiful nails. 

  • Try to use moisturize after every wash, if possible which will prevent from making your hands dry.

  • Avoid using harsh polish. Polishing of nail contains toxic chemicals like dibutyl, toluene, phthalate and camphor.

  • Choose a good remover. You can get acetone-free remover which is aceton-free and it will cause less harsh.
  • Eat well. Diet is very important.Protein is crucial, as are omega-3 fatty acids. Eating things having vitamin B reduces brittleness; vitamins A and C prevents dullness and drying. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Always smile and be confident. A radiant smile does wonders to the beauty efforts you have made!


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