Facebook Dating App

Facebook has decided to add another layer to its main app. The 14-year social network founded by the New York-born technology entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who announced during the company’s F8 developer conference keynote in San Jose, California. About their new tech development. In the past, Facebook had allowed their users to broadcast their relationship status since it went live in February 2014 but this dating does not only keep your profile private it is also more secure. Despite all the advances in technology, dating hardly changed in the 21st century. You just meet people, talk to them, and probably start dating if enough sparks fly. This dating app was designed to help this process along.

What Secrets Do You Think Amazon Hides From Other Businesses?

Are you planning to launch a business but obsessed with how to make it work? Do you own a business and it is not working out as you expected? 

Electric Cars in India

The automobile world has not been left out in the advancement of technology as fossil fuels-driven cars are soon to give way totally for electric cars. Fossil fuels cars have had a lot of really bad and harmful effects on the environment, especially on air pollution. A study shows that over a thousand Indians die yearly due to sicknesses caused by air pollution. This has generated the need for the reduction of air pollution around India. Electric cars seem to be the way forward as they are expected to be driven across India come 2030 instead of fossil fuels cars, but the question is "are Indians ready for electric cars?".

Best Novels of All Time

Do you remember the last time when you read a book? If you aren’t one of the people who adore reading books then you might be missing its numerous benefits such as reduction of stress, improvement of memory, expansion of vocabulary, development of analytical thinking skills. Now we will discuss some of the most inspirational books ever written. Well, here is the list of the best and most inspiring novels-

Good Skin Care Tips

Beauty is skin deep only if its essence is seen from the outside. This statement as used in this context implies that beauty is on the outside but felt in the inward part.  The skin covers the entire part of our body and if one must remain beautiful, the skin should be considered and taken care of. 

Most Astonishing Places in Morocco

Description: This article is about Morocco which is one of the most colorful and culturally rich cities. We have written about the best toursit destinations in Morocco.

Psychology of Photographers

Have you ever wondered why people take photos? Just for the fun? To capture moments that will never ever happen again? To satisfy the desire of having life memories?

Getting started with python


Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language and easy to learn. It was created by Guido van Rossum during 1985- 1990 and initially launched in 1991. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but reliable approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s dynamic typing and stylish syntax make it an optimal language for scripting rapid application improvement in many areas on many platforms.

How to make http requests in python using proxies ?

There are a couple of ways to make HTTP/HTTPS requests in requests. First of all, it deserves keeping in mind that in httplib, you have to spend a great deal of time determining exactly how you would handle TLS or SSL decryption as well as the trust for HTTPS endpoints.

Deploy django project to production

Django is the most popular framework for web application. It is python framework and based on MVT (Models, Views & Templates) similarly to MVC frameworks. Deployment is an important part of the website development process. Deploying to the server is last essential step of every project. Here's an overview of the steps involved.

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